This Is What a Day Is Like at TopInterns - My Journey

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Marcelino Abou-Haidar

This Is What a Day Is Like at TopInterns - My Journey

Are you freshly graduated and looking to jump start your career as a Web Developer? Or maybe you have always wanted to become a Web Developer but did not get the chance?

If you have interest in becoming a web developer and you would like to know more about what goes on in TopInterns you have come to the right place.


I will be explaining to you based on my personal experience at TopInterns about what it is, who it is for and what you will gain by joining this program as well as what I went through so far.


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What is it?

TopInterns is a coding school with a virtual internship, what they do is help people like you and me gain the required experience to break into the industry by training you through actual internships and giving you the insight into how companies execute their work through first-hand experience by making you work on real-world projects.


Who is it for?

It is for fresh graduates, people looking to make a career change, and people who have interest in getting hands-on experience in web development.


What will I benefit from this?

As simple as it is, you will get the industry-like experience that is needed to help you jump-start your career by working on real-world projects. You will be certified that you have completed the TopInterns program including your virtual internship, signed by TopInterns and by the company where you completed your internship at. Awesome, right?


My journey


The long search

I have spent countless hours studying and looking for a company that will give me the chance to prove that I have what it takes to become a web developer. I sent my resume to every company that was looking for a developer, even though I had a good GPA and always proved to be a responsible hard working person, the number of responses I got was slim to none. I was starting to give up on myself and on my dream of becoming a full-stack web developer.


One day, while I was browsing online, a post captured my attention that read “The only coding school with a virtual internship guaranteed.” I thought to myself, "This must be exactly what I am in need of right now." And so, I applied to become a TopIntern.

The experience

A typical day in the life of a TopIntern starts with what is called a SCRUM stand-up meeting. These meetings are typically held on Zoom at the same time each day. All team members are required to attend these meetings.


In these meetings each team member answers a set of three questions:


1.   What did you do yesterday?

2.   What will you do today?

3.   Are there any obstructions in your way?


By focusing on what each person accomplished yesterday and will accomplish today, the team gains excellent understanding of what work has been done and what work remains. These meetings are not held only for status updates, but rather are meetings in which team members make commitments to each other.


If a developer says, “Today, I will finish an X task,” everyone then knows that in tomorrow’s meeting, this developer will say whether he finished this specific task or not. This has wonderful effects of helping a team realize the significance of these commitments.


After the stand-up meeting, we all show the tasks we have done and give a small presentation of our work. Later, our program coordinator and team mentor give us a review on the work we have done, tell us where we can improve it, and talk about what we are going to learn next to continue with our set of tasks.


Afterwards, we end our meeting, and each team goes on to work on their given tasks. During a normal day, we spend our time learning new material and implement what we have learned in the project we are working on.


In a lot of cases, I have been stuck on many tasks, many of which I have been able to overcome alone. But there are cases where I spent a lot of time trying to solve a problem without luck. In such cases all I had to do was contact my team mentor and tell him about what I am working on, what my problem is, how I tried to solve it, and give him any other information that could make it easier for me to get help.


After explaining my situation, the team mentor then points me into the right direction, gives me the information that I have missed or did not know about. And at the end, he makes sure that I understood the concept he explained to me and that I am going to be able to solve this issue.


In our first sprint we were tasked to create a blog. You are reading this article now on the project that me and my teammates have worked on. Deploying our first real-world project was phenomenal, you feel very accomplished when the work you have done is being used in the real world!


Going through so many tasks eventually got me through a lot of technical issues, but because we are working on a real-world project and I have great mentors to back me up, I have gained a great amount of experience in this previous month, a type of experience that I could not get on my own just by surfing the web and doing everything without help. I did that for a couple of years, I never got to where I currently am.


Now, I am feeling greatly confident with what I have learned so far, and I am very excited for this current sprint, because we are creating an admin-dashboard page to create projects and display them, this is exciting because we are going to be implementing a React-based application bundled with Node.js and DynamodDB which are totally new for me, and new things get me excited! 


The Team Behind TopInterns


Ameer Jawad, the founder of TopInterns has been a great motivator to me and a great support, he always asks if everything is going well and offers to help if I had anything on my mind.


Lijeesh Majeed the program coordinator and team leader, he’s been walking me through my journey since day one. Lijeesh manages the projects we work on in each sprint, he provides the necessary material given to study, and coordinates with each team member. I really like Lijeesh’s enthusiasm, he makes things fun.


Vimson Varghese the lead mentor, he’s been the go-to person every single day, whenever I got stuck on an issue, whenever I wanted more information or details about a particular concept, Vimson is the person I went to, the amount of experience he has blows my mind every, single, day.


Shout out to the Batch-8 Team: Nour Shams, Abdallah Faraj, Saleha Khan, Fatima Nasser, and Omar Barakat. It has been great working with each one of you.




What is it?

It is a virtual internship.


Who is it for?

It is for people that are fresh graduates, or people who are looking to make the switch of careers and are finding it difficult to enter the current development market.


What will I benefit from this?

You will get industry-like experience and knowledge needed to help you apply for programming jobs.


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