Admin dashboard

Moving admin dashboard from monolithic to microservice architecture

Project type: Work experience | Company: Laimoon


  • Designed login form and listing views using ReactJs with HTML5 + TailwindCSS components.
  • Used Axios for Ajax to communicate with the REST API, using JWT security.
  • React Routers were used as a routing and navigation library.
  • Built back-end using NodeJS and Express framework.
  • Used MySQL database in backend for CRUD operations.
  • All systems deployed Serverless using AWS Lambda.

Team memebers

This project crafted by our top students as a group project, let's meet them!

Ahmed Mohamed
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Hala Suliman
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Mohammed Ehsan Ullah Khan
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Technologies used in this project

Front-end technology used to build and design user interfaces
Front-end language to build interactive websites
JavaScript library used to build and design user interfaces
Back-end server (API) to handle users requests
MySQL & DynamoDB
Databases to store users data and tweets
Used to deploy the application into a very scallable infrastructure
A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces.
An architectural style for an application program interface
AWS Lambda
Serverless compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers

This was a very good experience of building a full project with many technologies. It is really useful to to do any such projects faster in the future.

Mohammed Ehsan Ullah Khan

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