Twitter Clone

Project type: Capstone | Company: TopInterns

Our students have hand-crafted the Twitter clone project from A to Z. Explore some of the great work they have done.


  • Designed login form and listing views using ReactJs with HTML5 + TailwindCSS components.
  • Used Axios for Ajax to communicate with the REST API.
  • React Routers were used as a routing and navigation library.
  • Built back-end using NodeJS and Express framework.
  • Used MySQL database in backend for CRUD operations.
  • All systems deployed Serverless using AWS Lambda.

Team members

This project crafted by our top students as a group project, let's meet them!

Ahmed Mohamed
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Severine Pozzo
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Hala Suliman
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Mohammed Ehsan Ullah Khan
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Technologies used in this project

Front-end technology used to build and design user interfaces
Front-end language to build interactive websites
JavaScript library used to build and design user interfaces
Back-end server (API) to handle users requests
MySQL & DynamoDB
Databases to store users data and tweets
Used to deploy the application into a very scallable infrastructure

This was a really fun and productive project which a huge stepping stone into making bigger and more useful websites!

Ahmed Mohamed, Project Leader Part I

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